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Here we’ve organized a handful of frequently asked questions. If you have a question that’s not handled here, please reach out through any of the methods listed on our contact page.

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How can the Original Texas Toast be made by New York Bakery in Cleveland, Ohio?

We are glad you asked! New York Bakery was started by the Penn family in New York City over 50 years ago. They moved their small family bakery to Cleveland, Ohio and continued to specialize in the crusty, chewy textured, hearth-baked breads that are still popular in Europe today. While we certainly can’t take credit for creating Texas Toast-style bread, we were the first to add our signature garlic spread and freeze it for convenience.

Why are some pieces of your frozen bread products different shapes and sizes?

Our Texas Toasts are hearth-baked, giving the bread its crusty, chewy texture. This also means they will bake uniquely each time, creating different shapes and sizes each time.

Can I microwave the frozen products?

We highly recommend that you don’t. Neither the bread or garlic spread is microwave-friendly, so the quality of the finished product will be very poor. We recommend conventional or toaster ovens for the best quality. See each package for specific bake times.

Where can I find the best by date on New York Bakery Frozen Products? How do you read the date?

The Best By date code is usually located on the nutritional panel and it runs perpendicular in a green bar with black or white ink. The date code will look like the following: “Best use by mm/dd/yy Plant Id Time of Pack Country packed”. So for example, BB 09/09/15 BC 12:15 would be a best by date of September 9, 2015, plant id would be BC and time would be 12:15 am. If the product was produced in Canada, then the above info would be followed by “Product of Canada”.

Where can I find the best by date on New York Bakery Croutons? How do you read the date?

The Best By date code should be located on the back of the package, near the middle of the bag. The date code will look like the following: “Best by Month ddyy Facility Production Line”. So for example, Best by Mar0815 CH BX3, would be a best by date of March 8, 2015, plant code would be “CH” and Production Line is BX3.

Where can I buy New York Bakery Products?

Please use our Where To Buy tool to find New York Bakery products in a grocery store near you.

Are there coupons available for New York Bakery products?

New York Bakery frozen products & croutons drop national Sunday newspaper coupons several times a year. There are also online coupons available throughout the year on the top coupon web sites. We encourage you to follow us on Facebook to receive product info, recipes and special offers throughout the year.

What is an UPC Code?

A UPC code is how New York Bakery identifies each product. The UPC is the barcode on the packaging, devised of 12 digits. When contacting New York Bakery regarding a product, please be sure to have this 12 digit number as it will make it easier to address your questions.

UPC example:

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